Munich’s Innenstadt Day and Night

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Mostly spent our time in Munich shopping and eating. Stefan and I did get a chance to go swimming in the aptly named Eisbach (Ice Stream) where the current was much faster than you would think. Otherwise, was able to take a number of pictures by day and night to capture different parts of the innenstadt

A visit in Schwaben

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To start the Germany leg of our trip, we went to Pfullingen in Schwaben to visit the families of the kids we hosted and that hosted ours on the return trip. We had a nice tour of Tuebinging with the Schneiders, who’s daughter we hosted in Park Ridge. Here are some pics from our trip to Tuebinging where we ended the day visiting the sheep Pasteur of the Schneiders.

South West Icelandic landscapes

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Driving from Keflavik to Vik you can really appreciate the different landscapes that exist in Iceland. From the barren volcanic fields around the airport and Reykjavik to lush valley nestled against the plateau; our drive along route 1 kept evoking thoughts of different landscapes from around the world. Most interesting was the barren fields by the airplane crash off route 1, it was like a moonscape. In another post I mentioned the abundance of waterfalls, but the other thing Iceland will never run out of are rocks. Also interesting was how most of the houses, farms, and villages are built […]

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…. unless you are in Iceland, then you should

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Iceland seems to be awash in waterfalls with falls of various sizes appearing all along the hill/cliff sides on Route 1 towards Vik (from Reykjavik). It would tempting to stop and photograph them all, but it really is worth optimizing your time at the big well known ones. Going to Iceland we all knew that waterfalls were a major attraction and thought “that’s nice”. But in reality, being there is better than you can imagine. The magnitude of the waterfalls, the natural state of the surroundings and the access to all parts of the fall make them impressive. Even though […]

A Morning in Reykjavik

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After landing in Keflavik, we decided to start our journey in Reykjavic which is about a 40 minute drive from the airport Parking was plentiful and we had a spot close to the main street which leads straight up to the Hallgrímskirkja Reykjavik is very small, easily walked and very clean. Even the graffiti is nice Here is a picture of Caroline and Me in a park at the town center by the town hall We then went back up to the Hallgrímskirkja and took a picture in front of the Leif Eriksson statue that stands in front of the […]

Puffins and Eiders and Terns….Oh My!

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In Iceland I was able to photograph some birds that I would otherwise not have the ability to see in NJ. When I found out it was Puffin nesting season, I was very excited to try and capture them. I had visions of larger groups of Puffins within easy shooting distance of my 200-500 lens. However, the reality was quite different. Unfortunately, out short travel plans meant I didn’t have the time to chase locations or consider optimal times for activity and light. I ended up heading to Vik at about 9:00 at night, which while still light out was […]