Don’t go chasing waterfalls…. unless you are in Iceland, then you should

Iceland seems to be awash in waterfalls with falls of various sizes appearing all along the hill/cliff sides on Route 1 towards Vik (from Reykjavik). It would tempting to stop and photograph them all, but it really is worth optimizing your time at the big well known ones. Going to Iceland we all knew that waterfalls were a major attraction and thought “that’s nice”. But in reality, being there is better than you can imagine. The magnitude of the waterfalls, the natural state of the surroundings and the access to all parts of the fall make them impressive. Even though there are a fair number of people there with them coming in by the busload, it is not overwhelming and with some patience you can get pictures without photobombers. We went to two major sites

Seljalandsfoss – Great falls where you can walk on a trail and go behind the falls. There are also two other falls worth looking at here, with one being hidden in a crack in the rock. You can rock hop up stream to get below the fall which is really neat.

Skógafoss- a much bigger fall which you can walk right up to if you want. there is also a nice trail up to the top of the falls and a walkway which goes further up the mountain along the river which forms the falls.