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Spring Begins at Electric Lake

Wood Duck

Took advantage of the few hours of sun and slightly warmer temperatures to play around with the camera. The birds of spring are starting to appear at Electric Lake in Park Ridge.

Of course some of the winter hold outs are still here. The Ring Neck Ducks aren’t ready to leave yet.

Ring Necked Ducks

The sound of Common Grackles still fills the air, particularly along mill road.

Plenty of Robins too, the harbinger of Spring
American Robin

These wood ducks won’t be around for long, there are two pairs hanging around the north end of the lake.

Wood Ducks

Green Wing Teal have also made a stop by the Lake on their way north.

The Killdeers have also arrived and will be here until fall.

Another shore bird, the Lesser Yellow Legs will be around until fall and likes to feed along the sand bar at the north end of the lake

Lesser Yellow Legs

Tree Swallows will also be around for a while and now they are flying in flocks over the water eating insects and getting into mid air tussles

As always, there are plenty of Geese to observe

A small group of the invasive Mute Swan has also shown up.